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Ham Radio Tutorials

Interesting Things for You!

Budd Churchward WB7FCH
PCB Design Part 1
Breadboarding Part 2
PCB Layout Part 3
PCB Routing Traces Part 4
Ordering the Boards Part 5
The Boards Arrive Part 6
The Build Part 7
Adding Artwork Part 8
The Shift Register Part 9
Writing the Code Part 10
Get the Code for this Project
Morse-Tutor Users Guide

Morse-Tutor Book Texts

Huck Finn
Icabod Crane
If you want to study for your TECH. - GENERAL - EXTRA Radio License, here is a good place to start!

Ham Radio Current Exam Videos
Radio Prepper
Simple and Easy RF Choke
Build a 700mW Transceiver 40-6m Spiral Dipole Create Radio Receiver with lm386 Audio Amp IC!
For those who want to convert any text to CW this is for YOU! Find the Year of Manufacture of your Yaesu Radio Easy 2m-70cm Ground Plane 40M NVIS Antenna
Build a 1/4 Wave HF Multiband Vertical
for 40 - 10 Meters Using PVC Pipe!
Heavy Duty Ground Radial System
for Vertical Antennas by KL7JR
How To Build A Full Wave Dual Band Antenna For 2 Meter And 70cm The "Slingshot" Antenna for 2 Meters
The 440mhz Slingshot Antenna Project by N9YBP THE HENTENNA RE-VISITED "The following article has been re-edited for the English languagefrom the Japanese site. Minor errors and corrections have been made." 2 Meter 3 Element Yagi Antenna PiGate Video Series
Mighty Woof 2m-70cm Antenna

Interested in learning more about one
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