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2017 Lighthouse Special Event   November 4 through the 14th

There are 25 Lighthouses along the coast of Lake Havasu. Each one being represented by a special event call sign.

Throughout the 10 day special event period operation will take place at each of these 25 Lighthouses.

Special Certificate will be available for working any one of these Lighthouses.  Special endorsements will be added as more Lighthouses are contacted.  A special endorsement will be given to thoses who work all 25 Lighthouses.  Certificates are available by sending your QSL card with the dates and times of your contacts with any and all Lighthouses you contacted,  Please also enclose a Return Address label. To receive your beautiful full color commemorative certificate within the United States send $5.00 along with your return address label       To :    c/o K9WZB Garry Fisher    London Bridge Amateur Radio Association 1850 Rainbow Avenue Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403.  Outside the US send $7.00.

The Call, Lighthouse, Locations and GPS coordinates are as follows:

N7A       Algoma Pierhead            L13        34.454805,-114.347582                                     

N7B       Alpena                            L9          34.449693,-114.372920                                   N7N           Point Gratoit                        L8      34.451991,-114.374479

N7C       Barnegat                        L22         34.363917,-114.209053                                   N7O            Portland Head                    L20    34.412050,-114.289922

N7D       Berwick                                 L23       34.307639,-114.135484                                          N7P         Robert Manning                       L5     34.470518,-114.362059

N7E       Cape Hatteras                L1          34.494104,-114.362628                               N7Q         Sandy Hook                         L24       34.299174,-114.129427

N7F      Currituck Beach             L16          34.465314,-114.346548                                   N7R            Split Rock                           L7      34.455381,-114.375452

N7G      East Quoddy                  L3            34.475640,-114.355610                                  N7S            Umpqua River                    L19     34.425130,-114.302295    

 N7H      Fire Island                     L17          34.4602778,-114.3405583                             N7T            Vermillon                             L6      34.460059,-114.373082

N7I     Grays Harbor                   L21          34.4002806,-114.272678                                N7U           West Quoddy                      L4      34.474802,-114.355606

N7J      Buffalo Main                  L15           34.465398,-114.347883                                   N7V           White Shoal                        L12     34.452415,-114.351521

N7K    Mount Dessert Rock      L 18          34.446612,-114.337496                                   N7W           Wind Point                         L10     34.449283,-114.372008     

N7L    Chicago Harbor              L11           34.450468,-114.362478                                   N7Y           Table Bluff                           L2       34.481849,-114.403190

N7M   Pigeon Point                   L25          34.43109,-114.31564                                     N7Z          Lake Havasu Mariana         L14      34.462465,-114.348195

For more information on all the Lake Havasu Lighthouses go to 


Lake Havasu Marina Lighthouse N7Z

This Lighthouse was actually the precursor to the formation of the Lighthouse Club. It was the inspiration that set our Lighthouse Club Plan into action. It is located at the Lake Havasu Marina entrance and is a valuable aid to our lake navigation.
The lighthouse was built and operational in 2000 and is 17′ tall.
Sponsored by: The Lake Havasu Marina Building Craftsmen: Marina Personnel, Club Members and Friends
GPS Location: 34º 27′ 44.86″ N – 114º 20′ 53.45″ W
Beacon: Amber, rotating 60 times per minute