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Spotlight Photo Gallery Hams in their shack             LBARA club members


Dick W7DXJ Recent article in the March issue of the Static "Spotlight"                                                                 Jodi N7IDX from recent article in the February issue of the Static "Spotlight"



Bob Evans K7RCE  from the Static Jan 2017 "Spotlight"                                    April's Spot light   Ed AB7EM                                                                            May Spotlight Mary K7HAV


September issue of the Spotlight Lee W7AX                                                             October Issue of the Spotlight  Tim  KX7P                                             Nov. Issue of the Spotlight  Jerry K7LY

Other Photos                            Gallery of Events within LBARA


October 2017 LBARA Club Meeting

Garry K9WZB Presentation on the upcoming Lighthouse Special Event 


Refreshment Table during the evening QSO Party in October Thanks Sharon K7WZB

April Meeting Charlie K0TAN


February Club Meeting 2017


Gordon WB9UBF and Barb KB9BNH showing off their new Club certificates.                                     Visiting guest left Linda WB7CNV and Steve WA7DUH   from Washington State                                        


Nancy and Bill N0TUL with new member                                                                            The QSO Party before the program

January CLUB Meeting 2017


Tim KX7P Presenting on the topic of Echo Link                                              Club presentation January 2017                          

LBARA Hams from the past. Do you recognize any of them?

I think I recognize one in this picture!

Wow !  What a party we had at the Club Meeting in March!

Grand Prize winner of the Heil Head set Dave N7VWP                             Charlie K0TAN winner of the DX Engineering Prize  
  I think Jodi N7IDX Was happy about being a winner!                         Bob Heil Speaking about the elements in Microphones
Having Questions and answer time with Bob Heil                                                    Getting ready for the raffle    


Great Job by Sharon K7WZB setting up the refreshment table                            Chuck W7HCO a winner way to go


Bob Heil Presentation                                                                                           The Raffle man Randy K7JRW



Couple of Dudes Lyle K7LY And Jerry K7LY                               Russ K7RUS a winner in the raffle


Gordon a winner of the Free Pizza from Ken's                                              Nick wins a Heil Shirt

Ed AB7em  Finding something good            Dick W7DXJ digs in!                             Doug K9DLT finds the Cobbler    
March 26th Picnic at  Jack Hardy Park


Mary K7HAV Showing us her 73 Cake                           Bill N0TUL supervising the Chef K9WZB Garry


Sunday Sundae was a big Hit  As Dave Waits      Sharon K7WZB scoops out Sundae for Rach                     

Presentation April 8th Lake Havasu City Public Library

Charlie K0TAN                                                                                                 Garry K9WZB                                                           Tom K7TJH                                                                                 Bruce N6BRH



Board meeting on a Saturday                                                                                                                                        Finishing up the Display case at the library


Preparing for the License Exam on Saturday                Steven learning how to operate the Flex radio during class for techs at K9WZB Garry's qth

September LBARA Club Meeting 2017

Lyndia presenter from The Lighthouse Club                                                                       Special Memorial To Nancy xyl of Bill Bramley N0TUL