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Emergencies and Preparedness

London Bridge Amateur Radio Association (LBARA) hosts a number of activities designed to prepare each ham to assist in emergencies. We have special events, drills, and nets, which train us to get on the air, report our status, and declare our readiness to respond in an emergency.

LBARA has several repeaters which are ready to be used when needed. Our Primary repeater is on 146.620, with the secondary on 146.700. Both have a negative offset and PL of 131.8 Hz. If an emergency arises, hams know to come up on the primary repeater. If it goes down, we check into the secondary repeater. One of our Net Controls will check in hams and share information about the emergency and, if necessary, ask for hams to deploy to assist local or county Emergency Management personnel at EOCs (Emergency Operations Centers) or elsewhere.

ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) is a volunteer organization of licensed radio amateurs. ARES is organized like the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) which divides the US into 71 Sections, each with an SM (Section Manager) and an SEC (Section Emergency Coordinator). The state of Arizona is a single Section, with a single SEC.

Within Arizona Section are Districts - usually counties - with a DEC (District Emergency Coordinator. Within Mohave County, ECs (Emergency Coordinators) are appointed for our cities, Lake Havasu City, Kingman and Bullhead City. Each EC leads a team of volunteers who have completed some requirements needed to be useful if called upon in an emergency.

ARES members undergo training in preparing for emergencies likely to occur locally, and are specifically certified by completing FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) courses which define how incidents are managed and duties are assigned, tasks accomplished and reported. It is critically important that everyone on an emergency team speak the same vocabulary, and understand the reporting and activity structure.

The EC maintains the FEMA certs for ARES members, and manages lists of individual resources, such as HF, VHF, and UHF radios, emergency power, and ability to deploy a station remotely. The EC works closely with LHC Police and Fire, as well as Mohave County Emergency Management directors.

Contact Charlie for information and to join ARES!

LHC EC: Charlie K0TAN Landline: 928-302-1821

LHC Asst EC: George KC7GYK Cell: 928-706-3132

Mohave DEC: Bill KD7MIA

Arizona SEC: Dennis KE7EJF

Arizona SM: Rick W7RAP