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See the Syllabus and dates and times for Technician Class and exam at the bottom of this page

TESTING - VE (Volunteer Examiner) SESSIONS

Our FCC Examination Program is under the direction of the National Volunteer Examiner Coordinator - W5YI.

Our Amateur & Commercial Test Center W5YI-VEC Accredited Examiners are:

Amateur & Commercial VE's:

Ed Gillespie (AB7EM)

James Gould (KF7X)

Jerry France (K7LY)  Garry Fisher K9WZB



Amateur VE's:

Bruce Hunt (N6BRH)

Lyle Sibbald (K7YQ)

Paul Hoyt (K7COP)

Tim Lotspeich (KX7P)

Charlie Kotan (K0TAN)

Jay Matthews (N0VAO)



Our Examination Team is accredited by the W5YI-VEC for both Amateur & Commercial Radio Examinations.

Test sessions are scheduled based on request rather then on a monthly schedule due to sporadic demand.

For Commercial Practice Exams or Amateur Radio Practice For practice examinations contact our

VE & Test Center Manager, Ed Gillespie (AB7EM), at one of his numbers below.

If you have a desire to obtain a new license or upgrade contact Ed (AB7EM) at: paradice@frontier.com,  or you may phone 928-453-7412

or call cell 928-706-1115. He will coordinate the session.


What To Bring To Your Testing Session:

Note*  Photocopy service is not available at the Testing Site.

$14.00 testing fee. We cannot make change so bring the exact amount or a check.

A government provided photo ID such as a driving license or a state ID card.

Your social security number or your FCC FRN (Federal Registration Number).

(We are required to submit one of the above items with your application.)

If you are upgrading your license you can find your FRN on your current amateur radio license.

A black ink pen or pencil. (We can loan you one.)

If you already hold an (unexpired) amateur radio license bring your original license and one copy.

If you have already passed a test you need to bring documentary proof. One such document could be an unexpired CSCE

(Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam) indicated the credit(s) earned

If you have held a Technician class license from before March 21st of 1987, bring your original license.

That will provide credit for the General class license exam (Element 3).


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What is Amateur Radio?


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