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Board of Directors

 London Bridge Amateur Radio Association 2018
Officers and Directors LBARA

President--- Garry Fisher K9WZB
1850 Rainbow Avenue South
Email  k9wzb@arrl.net

Vice President---Nick Rizos W7NRX
1840 Mesquite Ave. H

Secretary --Shelly Culbertson KI7NTG

3576 Winston Dr 



Treasure --- Jerry France K7LY

2100 Casper Drive


Director---  Steve Stocker K7SWF
1371 Iroquois Dr.


Director--- Thomas Hutter K7TJH
2841 Norris Court

Director--- Charles Kotan K0TAN
3525 Saratoga Ave.

Director--- Jodi Rasmussen N7IDX
1712 Los Lagos Drive

Sergeant of Arms---Mike Murphy  KI7NTF

2782 Daytona Ave


Volunteer Examination

Coordinator VEC        Ed Gillespie     Email  or  PH- 453-7412


                                               Membership List As of Feb 15, 2018


·           Blue Current

·           Red New this year

·           Black Life or honorary

  1. ·       Achittien         Jack          N2UQT

  2. ·       Behnke             Charles   N6YJO

  3. ·       Bettof               Don          VE4ACA

  4. ·       Bettof               Elaine      VE4AEB

  5. ·       Bramley           Bill            N0TUL

  6. ·       Bullis                 Danny     N6DKG

  7. ·       Copeland         Colette   KI7NTI

  8. ·       Copeland         John        KI7NTH

  9. ·       Culbertson      Shelly      KI7NTG

  10. ·       Denny               Bob          K7RKD

  11. ·       Doyle                Mike        AB6QT

  12. ·       Evans                Bob          K7RCE

  13. ·       Fehlhaber       Steve       KE7ZIW

  14. ·       Fisher               Garry       K9WZB

  15. ·       Fisher               Sharon    K7WZB

  16. ·       Florer                George   KC7GYK

  17. ·       Fox                     Jim           W7HFG

  18. ·       France              Jerry        K7LY

  19. ·       Gillespie          Ed             AB7EM

  20. ·       Gillespie          Georgia  KC7ATI

  21. ·       Gould                Ron         KI7KWE

  22. ·       Grosser            Joe           N8BBI

  23. ·       Grosser            Dennis    No Call

  24. ·       Hunt                  Bruce       N6BRH

  25. ·       Hutter               Tom         K7TJH

  26. ·       Jernigan           Dick         W7DXJ

  27. ·       Key                    Al              WA6FLL

  28. ·       Key                    Gail           KC6LSB

  29. ·       Kotan                Charles   K0TAN

  30. ·       Krom                 John         K9RYY

  31. ·       Laird                  Bill            KI7CDT

  32. ·       Lotspiech         Lana         N7WST

  33. ·       Lotspiech         Tim           KX7P

  34. ·       Martin              Linda       W7LAM

  35. ·       Matthews       Jay            N0VAO

  36. ·       Mattoon          Barb         KB9BNH

  37. ·       Mattoon          Gordon   WB9UBF

  38. ·       Merrill              Joe            KF7RNT

  39. ·       Moran              Nick          KC3AIV

  40. ·       Murphy            Mike        KI7NTF

  41. ·       Nash                 Don           KG6WDM

  42. ·       Nyblom            Russ         K7RUS

  43. ·       Ossinger          Dick          W7OPA

  44. ·       Pantermoller Lisa           KU2EZ

  45. ·       Rasmussen     Jodi          N7IDX

  46. ·       Rizos                 Nick         W7NRX

  47. ·       Ross                  Lyle          W6TPT

  48. ·       Scofield            Chuck      W7HCO

  49. ·       Scott                  Debbie    N6DEB

  50. ·       Scott                  John        AD6NM

  51. ·       Scoggins           Angela    KD7OOX

  52. ·       Scoggins           Dave        W7OJT

  53. ·       Search              Randy      AI6AK

  54. ·       Sibbald             Lyle          K7YQ

  55. ·       Sitenga             Neil          KG7HZI

  56. ·       Smerman        Dave        KC7GDJ

  57. ·       St. Clair            Lee           W7AX

  58. ·       Stocker             Steve      K7SWF

  59. ·       Tebo                  Doug       K9DLT

  60. ·       Tebo                  Mary       K7HAV

  61. ·       Thorwaldson Steve       KD6GHR

  62. ·       Wehr                Larry        KI7QMV

  63. ·       Welch               Hank        W6HTW

  64. ·       Welch               Judy         KJ6NIM

  65. ·       Welshans        Dave        KA7ZTJ


As of Feb 15, 2018  62 paid members

London Bridges Amateur Radio
Association, Inc.

Webmaster Garry Fisher K9WZB  Contact k9wzb@arrl.net

Do you need help on any of these topics or something else  Check with our Elmers for answers to your needs or problems

London Bridge Amateur Radio Assoc., INC 2017 Elmer Program

“Elmer” is a nickname or term used to describe someone that can answer lots of your Ham Radio

 related questions when you are starting out in Ham Radio or are an existing ham with a question about

 something. Don't be shy — our Elmers are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest level of

satisfaction and fun. So, send your needs or make a phone call today!! Your club Elmer is____________

Name ____________________________EMAIL _________________________Ph#________________Date____________

Please indicate by checking your needs
___I would like to watch someone operate a Ham station.
___I need help with my radio station.
___Things I need in my ham shack.
___I need help on some of the ham radio buzz words.
___How do I find and set up QRZ.com web page and ve7cc.
___How do I get involved in contesting and Dxing.
___What antennas would work best for me?
___ I need help with my antenna.
___How to set up a logging program for my contacts.
___I need help once in awhile who can I call and ask Questions.
___I need help with appropriate antennas for me.
___What are QSL’s and how do I get and receive them.
___I would like assistance in studying for amateur radio exams.
___Steps involved in setting up a station. What to buy where to get it.
___I need help in grounding and lightning protection.
___How do I find the LBARC Webpage and Facebook page.
___ I would like to learn how to work contest by participating with a contest operator.
___ Need help putting on a PL259.

___Could you check my antenna and measure the SWR?
____ Other_____________________________________________________
____ Other_____________________________________________________


Members RV's Ready for Ham Radio      DO you have a photo of you ham station on wheels?




    K9DLT RV HAM SHACK                                                                                                            Bill KI7CDT