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LBARA Club meeting May 18th, 2017  6:30 You don't want to miss it. Big celebration and party!!!

We have 6 new hams in Lake Havasu City after the testing on May 13th !
Congrats to the following:
Shelley Culbertson -Tech     
Dulcie Copeland -Tech
Ron Gould Jr. - General         
John Copeland -Tech
Mike Murphy -Tech      
Robert Chesebro -Tech
Lee Mulcahey -Tech

  Exam Day May 13, 2017




LBARA Club Meeting May 18,2017 .

   What a great time for all at this months club meeting.  Party time included Ice Cream Sundaes and cup cakes were the prime refreshment on the table with other treats for all who attended. The program for the evening was a discussion on the upcoming special event station and the Fm Sprint contest. The primary program for the evening was on the Mesh System presented by Charlie Kotan, K0TAN.




General class license classes will start up this fall. If interested contact Garry K9WZB to enroll.

Details will be announced early in September.                                                                                             

               Coming this Fall  a new Special event Project

               Worked all Light House on Lake Havasu

               We are working with the Light House Club of  Lake Havasu City setting up an annual special event station       

There are 25 replicas of Lighthouse from around the USA situated around the Island in Lake Havasu.

    East Quoddy N. End of Bridgewater Channel LHC State Park L3                 Currituck Beach S. end of Bridgewater Channel  L16 on Map                                                                                                                         

Are you ready to become a Ham?

Library Schedule London Bridge Amateur Radio Association
For Amateur Radio Classes
Sessions Days and times
· May 9, 5:30-7:45 Room A
· May 13, 12:00-4:45 Room A&B Review and Test

General Class License Application below/  If you are interested in your general license or technician license contact Garry K9WZB or Charlie K0TAN Dates etc will be published

Tentative dates only  Oct 24,26,28,    Nov. 2,7,9,14,16 exam
The classes are free. The actual cost to take the FCC exam is $14.00. Additional materials such as books

 or manuals are the responsibility of the student.

Register for the Amateur Radio Class


Email address_______________________________

Phone Number______________________________

If you are under 18 please have your parent or Guardian send us approval for you to attend this class.

__________________________has been given

permission to participate in the amateur radio training class.


Parent or Guardian Date_________

Parent Please sign above.

Contact Garry Fisher  854-1622 or email application to K9WZB1@gmail.com


Coming this Fall 2017.        If interested let us know. Contact Garry K9WZB1@gmail.com. or

Do you want to feel like life still exists in Lake Havasu City in the summertime?
Well, that is what this is all about.
Summer School for Hams!

If you feel this is something you might want to attend sometime, everytime, or this is not for you on the hot summer day, this is what we would like to know. Our meeting place will be the Library where it is cool inside while it maybe hot ouside during our summer months. We will discuss a logging program to keep your precious contacts neatly tucked away. Building a dipole for the
40 meter band. Setting up a PSK station so you can go digital. Look at the many cool ham programs out there on the internet. Learn how to program that HT of yors. The list will grow as ideas come in.

If you feel this might be worth trying 
​as one once said​,
 nothing tried is nothing gained.
​ Give me your feedback, please.​