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LBARA Net Change

The LBARA Tuesday Night Net will be changing frequencies on January 22, 2019 from 146.700 to the 146.620 Down 6.00MHz

The frequency of 146.620 repeater will also be adding Wide Coverage Internet Enhancement System soon that will allow you to utilize the repeater from any where in the world.

You will really not notice anything different except you might be hearing your friends from their home QTh during the summer months or other stations that are interested in Lake Havasu City.

The top notch repeater will soon have a 4 element dipole that will provide more coverage and provide the highest power from the highest spot in the Lake Havasu City region.


Ham radio Operators

Starting in December a special “Ham Help Net” will be provided on the 146.620 repeater twice a month for those interested in advancing their skills in the area of Amateur radio. Discussion will range from electronic theory to how do I make a DX contact! Questions will be taken during the twice a month net about related subjects of ham radio and electronics in general as it relates to ham radio. This net will likely be very useful to newly licensed hams.  The net operator will call to “all listening stations” for participation in the net and anyone checking in will be allowed to answer the questions at hand.  The net control operator will not be the one answering questions but will call to the list as to “who wants to answer this question?” This will allow the entire group to share their knowledge with others.  We all remember very well how many questions we had when we first got on the air. How to make cables, tune and build antennas, operating procedures etc.

Starting date December 13th  at 6:30 .  The net will likely end sometime around 7:30

The net will meet there after on  the 2nd and fourth Thursdays of the month.

Our net controller will be Mike AB6QT &  Garry K9WZB will also be available for questions.





New Repeater Coming in November

A new Digital/FM Yaesu Repeater  will be replacing our 45 year old repeater at the 146.620 site.

More details will be coming your way!


London Bridge Amateur Radio Association
                                                                              General? Technician Class? license course beginning this Fall 2019
Attention:  Interested members or non-members of the London Bridge Amateur Radio Association wanting to become a Amateur radio operator.
​                   Persons interested in attending can send me an email or fill out registration at the next club meeting.
                  Further details will be soon published on the lbara.org web site. Contact Garry K9WZB  or Charlie K0TAN For more information

Register now for the New Classe fall 2019

  Are you willing to help out this year at the Lake Havasu City Annual Parade in October.

                Volunteers are needed.  Contact Bruce Hunt N6BRH










K7B Special Event 2019

Sharon K7WZB and Lana N7WST Working K7B special event 2018


  Lake Havasu City 2018 Parade



Meet the new New Repeater in town.

The recent problem with the 146.64 repeater has required the club to purchase a new repeater.  This repeater has been repealed and replaced.

The new 146.64 Repeater is in and working

146.64 Repeater                                                                                                                         Tom Making final adjustment on the 146.64 Repeater



             Returning in November 2018 Special Event Project

               Worked all Light House on Lake Havasu and the Colorado River

               We are working with the Light House Club of  Lake Havasu City setting up an annual special event station       

There are 25 replicas of Lighthouse from around the USA situated around the Island in Lake Havasu.

    East Quoddy N. End of Bridgewater Channel LHC State Park L3                 Currituck Beach S. end of Bridgewater Channel  L16 on Map                                                                                                                         

Are you ready to become a Ham?

Library Schedule London Bridge Amateur Radio Association
For Amateur Radio Classes
Sessions Days and times
To Be announced

Technician Class License Application below/  If you are interested in your technician license  contact Garry K9WZB or Charlie K0TAN 

Tentative dates only  March 27-April 28 2018
The classes are free. The actual cost to take the FCC exam is $14.00. Additional materials such as books

 or manuals are the responsibility of the student.

Register for the Amateur Radio Class


Email address_______________________________

Phone Number______________________________

If you are under 18 please have your parent or Guardian send us approval for you to attend this class.

__________________________has been given

permission to participate in the amateur radio training class.


Parent or Guardian Date_________

Parent Please sign above.

Contact Garry Fisher  854-1622 or email application to K9WZB1@gmail.com


Coming this Fall 2018.        If interested let us know. Contact Garry K9WZB1@gmail.com. or