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London Bridge Amateur Radio Association


  For sale             Numerous Ham and CB radio equipment for Sale  Contact Al Key 5053839

Located at 2051 Spruce Drive Lake Havasu City

Includes 2 meter Hand helds,  low band equipment, tuners  and a tower. There are also many miscellaneous items and test equipment

For Sale By Dave W7OJT   gigawatt@hotmail.com
6 Meter  5 el Cushcraft  Yagi  $80.00
Cushcraft A449-11S 70cm FM Yagi Beam Antenna

For Sale By Garry K9WZB
Hex Beam 6-20 Meters 495.00
 or less


Here is a good idea to help out the club with some funding.

Please read and take notes as to what you need to do to get involved.  If you have any questions please call me.
Enrollment is available now.
1.  You need a Smith's Reward Card.
     If you do not have one you may obtain one free of charge at Smith's Supermarket at the courtesy desk.
This will save you money 
 provide Smith's organization with a
​ ​
way of tracking  our purchases
quarter of the year 
​they will​
 send our club a check from the
 foundation based upon our purchases at Smith's.
This does not effect you as an individual in any way other then it helps out London Bridge Amateur Radio Association.
​ ​
​Please take the time to register ​at 
Your  may begin enrolling 
online 48 hours after receipt of this email.



This is LBARA assigned  NPO (Non-Profit Organization) number 18766.

From Garry Fisher
President London Bridge Amateur Radio Association​

Here is another way to help with Smile.Amazon

Amazon.com will donate .05 percent of each and every purchase made by people like you.

Step 1.  Go to Smile.Amazon.com

Step 2.  Look for London Bridge Amateur Radio Association

Step 3.  Click on the name to become your nonprofit organization that

you wish to contribute.

Step 4. That's it! The next time you are in the mood to purchase an item from Amazon.com

Go to Smile.Amazon.com and  make your purchase as always. The web site at the top will indicate that you are a contributor to LBARA.

Each quarter of the year the club will receive a check for the amount of all persons using our club on  Smile.Amazon.com

Remember anyone you talk with can help

 our club.  Spread the word. Friends, family and persons you come into contact can help out.


Other ways you can help out coming soon.