LBARA provides radio communication for local events, including: parades, lake events, MS charity bike rides, walk-a-thons, Field Day, and local Hamfest’s, and much more. Most important is our emergency communication support for local, state and national needs.

LBARA has two repeaters. The primary system is on 146.620 MHz. It has a -600 offset and a PL tone of 131.8 Hz. This is our main repeater. It is located high on Black Metal Peak near Parker Dam. This repeater is linked to repeaters in Kingman, Laughlin and Willow Beach as part of the MCARS System.

A second repeater is on 146.640 MHz. It has a -600 offset and a PL tone of 156.7 Hz. This is our secondary repeater. It is located in the Emergency Communications Center (EOC) at the Lake Havasu City Police Station. It provides a second repeater source for club members as well as an immediate back up communication system in support of our local law enforcement. The coverage area for this repeater is not as wide as the coverage area of our main repeater (The ‘62) but provides excellent coverage throughout the city.

LBARA holds a General Membership Meeting on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. except for the months of June, July and August. The meeting location is the Lake Havasu Yacht Club at 631 London Bridge Road in  Lake Havasu City.


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Many of our club members meet for breakfast on Saturday mornings, 6:00 a.m. at Peggy's Sunrise Cafe, 1584 Countryshire Avenue in Lake Havasu City. Everyone is welcome, especially visitors.


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LBARA issues a monthly newsletter entitled "STATIC" to keep everyone up to date on upcoming activities and Hamfests as well as the happenings in the club. Submission of material is invited from LBARA members and other interested parties. Input for The Static should be submitted to the Editor no later than the first Wednesday of the month. An archive of newsletters is included on this web site.


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